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Why are some bolts better than others?

There're certainly different dead bolts on the market and they're manufactured by various industries. Our specialists say that they're distinguished in terms of their capacities, size and materials. Their quality will also depend on the manufacturer and whether they have single or double cylinders. All these factors and more will determine the degree of their resistance.

What are the best security measures?

Whether you want to enhance security at home or in the office, our specialists in Cypress suggest taking into account the needs of the property. Mainly you must invest in good security locks and deadbolt installation at all entry points but it's also good to install alarms and security cameras or access control systems.

What should I do if my key breaks in the lock?

If there is enough of the key sticking out of the lock, you may be able to extract it with a pair of needle nose pliers by carefully pulling the remaining piece out of the lock. However, if you cannot reach the broken piece, do not attempt to use gum or glue (which can jam the lock and make it un-repairable). Call our experts as we have the proper tools and equipment to extract your key properly without doing any damage.

How often must I change the locks?

It is evident that when door locks are ruined for a particular reason, they must be replaced immediately. Under normal conditions, you must have the locks replaced every six or seven years. It will depend on their strength, quality, potentials, the entry point they're installed to and similar factors. They must always be in perfect condition.

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